I. Coaching tab – Count me in (next steps)

STEP 1: Click on the button below  and enter your information in the contact form to apply. I’ll reach out to you, so we can set up a first FREE “get-to-know” call or appointment at the Happy Mind Guide. STEP2: Let’s meet! Why? Well, it’s important you have a ‘click’ before you embark on this journey. […]

H. Coaching tab – What’s included?

6 months of coaching, with a bi-weekly  one hour coaching call OR in-person coaching at the Happy Mind Guide office The second option is with tea or coffee and in a green, relaxing scenery 😉 Your choice of course! You’ll get access to my signature content and exercises to help you grow gradually towards that beautiful […]

G. Coaching tab – The Butterfly effect will help you

Get unstuck Feel stuck in life? Well to get out of that swamp, we need a clear and structured map. In order to know which direction you want to go, we’ll map out where you currently are, what’s stopping you from changing at this time and where you want to be. Clarity will be your […]

F. Coaching tab – Hi! I’m Julie,

I help women go from feeling not good enough and overloaded to confident and re-energized again. Whatever stage you find yourself in, I’ll guide you with clarity and structure so you can set your life back in order with less stress, more energy, optimism, and a happy mind! Let’s go for that BUTTERFLY EFFECT (*) […]

E. Coaching tab – Sound familiar?

You want it all! A nice, well-paid job with a certain prestige. So you take on that extra project or task. No knowledge of it? No problem, you will figure it out along the way. Giving up isn’t part of your vocabulary, and so is saying ‘no’.   You combine this with your super-mom skills. […]

D. Coaching tab – Imagine

Putting yourself first feels easy. Because you know that taking care of yourself is your fuel for becoming that beautiful butterfly! You know the signs of your body by heart and act upon them accordingly.  What’s going on inside your mind isn’t going to rock you like before. Because you embraced that dark side and […]

C. Coaching tab – butterfly

You are flying through life.  Mentally and physically you are doing okay. But you have a feeling that certain parts of your life need some polishing. You still feel a longing of stepping up in life. It just feels like a huge weight laying on your shoulders, because you don’t know where to start. And […]

B. Coaching tab – Cocoon

You feel exhausted, drained, and out of balance but you still drag yourself through life because you think “There is no other way”. You dread the day to come, so staying in bed is the highlight of your day. But even sleep isn’t a reprieve anymore. There are days you feel like crying, and others […]

A. Coaching tab – Catterpillar

In life we pass through different stages. What stage are you in right now? Are you a caterpillar? You feel your life has been carved out for you, that you don’t have a say in it. It feels like you’re stuck in life. You keep on wondering, “Is this it?” “Will this be the rest […]

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