Be the kind of woman you really want to be

With the Butterfly effect journey

In life we pass through different stages.

What stage are you in right now?

Are you a caterpillar?

You feel your life has been carved out for you, that you don’t have a say in it. It feels like you’re stuck in life. You keep on wondering, “Is this it?” “Will this be the rest of my life?” and it keeps you up at night.

But, inside something is nagging. You have the feeling of not being complete. You have those amazing dreams of another life, ideas on how things could be different! This isn’t the place you expected to be at in life. But where to start?

You are scared of putting yourself out there, so you stay where it’s comfortable. Or you are scared of making any real changes in your life because “What would people think?” “What would they say?”

So, you are keeping yourself distracted by binge watching every new series on Netflix, going on a shopping spree or devouring the entire content of your cookie drawer. It all costs you a ton of energy and no real results come out of this.

You just added a headache, more doubt and worry to  your to-do-list.

Or maybe you are in a cocoon phase?

You feel exhausted, drained, and out of balance but you still drag yourself through life because you think “There is no other way”. You dread the day to come, so staying in bed is the highlight of your day. But even sleep isn’t a reprieve anymore.

There are days you feel like crying, and others like shouting. This isn’t what you had in mind.  You are looking for answers on “Who am I really?” “What do I want?” and thoughts like “I’m not a good enough mom, partner, friend…” are clouding your mind.

You feel like you’re growing further away from your true self, your partner, certain friends  and family. Maybe if you would go into hibernation this all would be over in no time.

All you want to be is that happy, sparkly, positive woman you once were. “Where the heck did she go right!?”

And maybe you're a butterfly?!

You are flying through life.  Mentally and physically you are doing okay. But you have a feeling that certain parts of your life need some polishing.

You still feel a longing of stepping up in life. It just feels like a huge weight laying on your shoulders, because you don’t know where to start.

And at a certain point,  you think that your dreams won’t happen for you. You feel you are not that special, there are already a lot of others doing this, so why bother right?!

And you tuck those life long dreams away…⠀⠀

But what if…
… you got to be reacquainted with that happy, sparkly, positive woman?

Yes she is still there!

Be the kind of woman
that when your feet hit the floor each morning
the devil says
“oh crap, she’s up!”

Imagine getting out of your cocoon, spreading your wings ...

Putting yourself first feels easy.

Because you know that taking care of yourself is your fuel for becoming that beautiful butterfly! You know the signs of your body by heart and act upon them accordingly.  What’s going on inside your mind isn’t going to rock you like before. Because you embraced that dark side and see the silver lining of it all.

Your direction in life is clearer than ever!

Instead of leaning on what others say, or want for you, you are tapping from a great source of inner power and knowledge. You feel calm knowing who you are and what you want out of life. Setting steps forward and reaching for YOUR dreams never felt so good.  Yes, here you come!

Remember that happy, sparkly, positive woman? Well, she’s back and she aint going anywhere!

You feel a renewed confidence in yourself and in life. Setting boundaries, practicing self love, and saying “no” to what no longer serves you, are your new norm.

Sound familiar?

You want it all!

A nice, well-paid job with a certain prestige. So you take on that extra project or task. No knowledge of it? No problem, you will figure it out along the way. Giving up isn’t part of your vocabulary, and so is saying ‘no’.


You combine this with your super-mom skills.

From creative Wednesday afternoons, driving around on play dates to hosting special day trips. Whilst mixing up daily a freshly produced, home-cooked balanced meal. You keep a clean and tidy ship at home.  No free space in your agenda just “to be” but an overflowing social agenda, because you don’t want to miss out on anything. You bend over backwards to be there for everyone. But it all feels like you’re barely keeping all the plates spinning.


Life’s passing you by. You keep on going, following the herd while ignoring the stop signs.

You set the bar high for yourself and others because  that’s what’s expected from you. You think if you reach that goal, that position in life, ‘Then they will like me… then will I be good enough… then will I be happy’. But once there, the feeling is still the same and your energy is at an all time low.

Wondering and pondering about your current life has become your new fulltime job. 

‘Is this it?’, ‘Will I be doing this soul sucking job for the rest of my life?’ ‘Who am I really?’

This feels more like an existential crisis than a pleasure trip!!

Hi! I’m Julie,

I guide women go from feeling not good enough and overloaded to confident and re-energized again. Whatever stage you find yourself in, I’ll guide you with clarity and structure so you can set your life back in order with less stress, more energy, optimism, and a happy mind!

Let’s go for that BUTTERFLY EFFECT (*) throughout your life!

I look forward meeting you,



(*) You probably know the Butterfly effect from the same-titled movie with Ashton Kutcher, but it’s a term that comes from meteorology, namely chaos theory.

It states that even a small change can result in a larger change throughout time. And that is what we’ll achieve together!

By making small changes in your life, you will create a ripple effect 💫 that will create a bigger change for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It has been said, something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings
can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.
– Chaos Theory

The Butterfly effect will help you:

  • Get unstuck
    Feel stuck in life? Well to get out of that swamp, we need a clear and structured map. In order to know which direction you want to go, we’ll map out where you currently are, what’s stopping you from changing at this time and where you want to be. Clarity will be your guide.
  • Create a solid base for yourself to fall back on even when you’re feeling low.
    Remember “me-time” and “self-care”? Well, they are waiting to get reacquainted. Let’s get “back to basics” and set you up with some energy, a positive mindset  and some zest to take on that new lifestyle! This will be your manual for a balanced and healthy life.
  • Stand in your true power
    Some people seem to breeze through life, effortless and oozing a certain “Je ne sais quoi”. Well, what if that person was you! Through self-exploration get to know and love yourself again.  Let go of what no longer serves you, learn to say no without feeling guilty about it and regain positive relationships with your partner, co-workers, friends, … Let’s be YOU, just for YOU!

What’s included?

  • 6 months of coaching, with a bi-weekly  one hour coaching call OR in-person coaching at the Happy Mind Guide office
    The second option is with tea or coffee and in a green, relaxing scenery 😉 Your choice of course!
  • You’ll get access to my signature content and exercises to help you grow gradually towards that beautiful butterfly.
    Let’s go for that “Butterfly effect” throughout different parts of your life! We’ll follow a certain structure, but don’t think of this as a one-size-fits-all program. Oh no no no, this course is customised to YOU and filled with individualised exercises that will support your transformation and growth!
  • A personal notebook
    We often forget what we have accomplished or what we are capable of. This notebook will keep track of your progress, insights and next steps.
    It will even become your best friend to fall back on when you start doubting yourself.
    Or to look back on how far you’ve come!

You can finally get out of that cocoon and reveal who you are deep inside!
Let’s go for that “Butterfly effect” throughout your life where you’ll be in charge
instead of being in the passenger’s seat.

STEP 1: Click on the button below  and enter your information in the contact form to apply.
I’ll reach out to you, so we can set up a first FREE “get-to-know” call or appointment at the Happy Mind Guide.

STEP2: Let’s meet!
Why? Well, it’s important you have a ‘click’ before you embark on this journey. Because this is the extra topping on the cake, aka the extra motivation on this road of self-discovery. If not, no hard feelings. I’ll be more than happy to help you in another direction.  And, if we are a fit we’ll go to STEP 3.

STEP3: Time for the real stuff, coaching!
Step by step I’ll guide you on your journey. You are not alone in this.
Let’s make things happen, shall we!


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